Manny Capozzi: 
 Singer - Songwriter

* * * 2005 New Song Samples (Pre-Release Demo Tracks from Studio):  * * *
NEW!  1. "Shove" with Lovejelly    2. "Story"      3. Uno  

December 2006 - Recording Studio Mixing of full length CD - new material, including the single "Shove". 
E-mail Manny:   
mannaroo1  (at) 
3 Song Demo CD available and 6 Song Full-Length CD Preview (3 new songs with bonus acoustic tracks) available.
Manny is available for live performance acoustic set bookings and select theater productions.
Chicago, IL USA   &   Rome, Italy

Look for Manny appearing live
Italy -  December 2006 
Chicago - January 2007

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